“Our clients are at the center of everything we do.”

If you’re looking for a law firm that’s passionate about delivering superior service and legal counsel, results beyond client expectations, building relationships that are long-lasting, and making a meaningful difference in people’s lives, then Miller Law Partners is the firm for you.

Miller Law Partners' Mission

At Miller Law Partners, our goal is to provide professional, high-quality legal representation that exceeds the expectations of the businesses and individuals we serve. We provide expert counsel designed to reduce legal claims, as well as aggressive litigation defense in state and federal courts. In addition, we have extensive experience in defending clients before state and federal administrative agencies.

A client-centered, results-oriented approach is the hallmark of our practice. We seek long-term, partnering relationships with our clients with the goal of providing the best total solution to our clients’ multi-disciplined and industry-specific legal service needs. When you work with Miller Law Partners, you receive a proven and accomplished legal team that does what it takes to bring about each client’s desired goals and overall success.


Miller Law Partners offers a broad range of services to employers and individuals alike. We advise and represent clients on employment issues ranging from wrongful termination, employment discrimination, harassment, retaliation and wage claims, to the interpretation and enforcement of employment contracts and post-employment restrictive covenants.


Miller Law Partners offers the full range of services essential to the success of a small to mid-sized, growth-oriented business, including some services that are not generally available outside of the largest law firms. Our business lawyers are experienced in all stages of business development, from initial formation and entity selection to sales and acquisitions.


At Miller Law Partners, we take a proactive approach to the practice of law, partnering with our clients to help them avoid disputes and keep pace with their business objectives. Through careful management and activation of sound business and employment policies and processes, we assist our clients in promoting a healthy working environment which promotes positive employee relations.


In keeping with our general mission as a firm, the litigation practice at Miller Law Partners is a broad-based practice stressing cost-effective and experienced staffing of cases. Our trial attorneys have extensive experience before California state and federal courts and administrative agencies. We represent businesses and individuals in a wide range of matters. Some of our work supports our other areas of practice, including business and employment law.




  • Employment and Corporate Litigation

    Our focus is always on prevention and risk management. However, should litigation arise, Miller Law Partners is the firm you need. Our attorneys are skilled advocates, experienced in managing litigation at every stage and prepared to take any case to trial. We take pride in developing cost-effective strategies at the outset of any litigation and then implementing those strategies to produce a successful outcome.

  • Wage and Hour Disputes

    Wage and hour disputes represent perhaps the single biggest threat to employers today. Miller Law Partners helps employers avoid wage and hour litigation, government investigations and audits, and defends employers should litigation arise.

  • Compensation and Commission Agreements

    Getting agreements in writing is critical to doing business in California. We assist our clients with drafting custom compensation and commission agreements, as well as non-disclosure agreements and severance agreements, for all industries and professions.

  • Class Action Litigation

    Class action employment claims are on the rise, and employers today need a legal team with the knowledge, experience and proven winning strategies that Miller Law Partners can provide. Our team of employment attorneys has broad litigation experience, making us well equipped to defend any type of employment litigation—effectively and creatively.

  • Workplace Advice and Solutions

    Today, more than ever, management needs skilled and experienced legal counsel to identify risk early and find creative ways to contain and eliminate it. At Miller Law Partners, we take a proactive approach to the practice of law, partnering with our clients to help them avoid disputes and keep pace with their business objectives.

  • Workplace Investigations and Audits

    Miller Law Partners has represented employers in investigations and audits conducted by state and federal agencies involving a broad range of issues, including wage and hour audits, as well as harassment and discrimination investigations. Miller Law Partners assists employers in preparing for on-site investigations and has represented employers during the full course of investigations, from opening conferences to resolution.

  • Employee Policies, Procedures and Handbooks

    Miller Law Partners works with its clients to create legally compliant employment policies and procedures which are essential to preventing employment claims and lawsuits. By proactively working with Miller Law Partners, you can minimize your chances of ever facing legal challenges, while putting measures in the place that will maximize your chances of success should a claim surface.

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